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Web Dev. changes since 2020


In web development, each year might feel like a decade. New tools, frameworks, services keep popping out at a freightening rate. We haven't blogged much since 2020, and now as we revive the platform, it's a good time to look back and see what changed in the industry over the past couple of years.

Disappointment in Go


Some reflections on my week of experience learning Go. It's far worse than I expected and I'm not going to continue.

WEBP is awesome


I have long ignored the presence of WEBP format. Yeah, sure, it would be good to have site images 10% or 20% smaller... – I thought. Considering WEBP had abysmal browser support back then, I didn't even bother to check it in more details. Boy, was I surprised yesterday!

React Notes II: hooks are a big deal!


React hooks are gonna be a dealbreaker. Here I overview the releases of React, predatings hooks. Then I compare React and Vue and show why hooks are a better unit of composition than the lifecycle events. The final point is to see how all this is related to the FP paradigm.

React Notes I: a framework or a library?


React is officially a "library" but has been repeatedly called a framework. Who's right and what is this tool, really? The article evaluates arguments of all sides, compares objective facts, and shows why, eventually, it's more than a purely pedandic question.

Async patterns and scoping


Andre Staltz gave a great talk at GOTO Copenhagen 2016. He generally touches a lot of topics in his talks. In this one, among the other things, Andre mentioned a possibility of mixing Monadic and Streaming IOs. I'll take the opportunity to elaborate this one a bit. One post won't be enough but shouldn't we start somewhere?